Friday, December 28, 2007


I lost my daughter, Enrica Evangeline, at 41w 1d. She's my first baby. I had the best 41w that a girl could ask for. I went in for my NST a day before I was to be induced. I had noticed that morning that my stomach was hard & I hadn't really felt Evangeline move. I figured since I had an appointment later that day, no worries. We went in to the NST to have her heartbeat monitored. The tech couldn't find her heartbeat. My dr did an ultrasound and didn't look happy. She sent me to another ultrasound tech downstairs. The room was quiet. I knew something was wrong. No one could find her heartbeat. I went back to talk to my doctor. She said we could go home and figure out what we wanted to do. I didn't want to go home. After discussing with DH we decided to have a C-section ASAP. At 4:57 pm on August 28th my perfect baby girl came to this world sleeping. She was 9lbs 8oz, 21in long. She looked so much like my stepson. We got to spend 2 nights & 2 1/2 days with our beautiful girl. My husband was so great. He bought a camera corder so we could tape some moments with Evie. I watch them often. Just to remember how much I love her, what she looked like, how she she smelled. I've never felt so much love before in my life.
We have done lots of testing & an autopsy was performed on Evie. There is no reason for her passing. DH and I believe in our hearts that she knew something that we didn't.
We had a full funeral for our girl on Sept 8th. It was the most beautiful day. So many people attended. It's amazing how such a little person can affect so many lives.

Before Evangeline I had miscarried at about 11 weeks on Oct 14, 2006.

~ posted for Enrica by Christine copied form her original post on the BBC thread

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Grace said...

Dear Christine, i'm so sorry for you loss even though it's some years on for you but i was drawn to your post because we lost our little Evie almost 8 weeks ago now. Evelyn Rose or Evie as we were going to call came quietly into this world too. We too had a funeral for her in our home and everyone has been so touched by her passing. She has made better people of us all. God rest their precious little souls. Grace, Ireland