Friday, December 28, 2007


Hi Guys,
Sorry I'm so new at all this kind of Blogging stuff and sad that this is the reason why I am learning, but one thing I know is, everyone here is so supportive and understanding.

I guess I'll tell my story as I'm not sure where else to start. My Husband & I have been married for 4 years now and have a lovely 2 -1/2 year old son. He truly is great. About a year and a half ago we had a miscarriage and I was so upset. My 1st pregnancy with my son was problem free so I never thought anything would go wrong. Anyway, we tried again and were succesful!
This past Dec. 15th was one of the saddest days of my life. We went into the hospital that afternoon cause I was having contractions and sent home.......we went back later that evening cause they were so bad. We were 41 weeks along and very excited about bringing this baby into our family. We never had any signs of anything being wrong until that evening when they tried to find the hearbeat. Nothing. I was devastated. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl - Alexandra. 7 lbs, 15 oz. Perfect in every way. She had my chin and looked just like her older brother, only more 'girly'. She had the cord around her neck 5 times. I don't understand and don't think i ever will how something that is supose to bring our babies life, strangled it out of my dear Alex.
I'm so sorry as I want to help anyone else who is in this horrible siutation, but it's so raw and fresh right now that all i can do is vent, cry, scream, stand in our nursery bent over the crib and sob.
I keep hearing that time will heal, so i'd like to go to sleep for the next couple of years right now.
Can I please say that Lucy's Mom has been a great support, and true strength in all of this and I thank you Christine.


Olive Lucy said...

i am hear when ever you need me and when you don't need me too! be gentle and use this place to vent, to scream to cry and to celebrate. be gentle. good first post!

Michelley01 said...

Thanks Christine.
I'm having one of those searching days........trying to find something to keep me busy I guess, thinking if a way to have Alexandra remembered..... just wondering around the house.
DH & I are going to take our son out bowling today which hopefully will pull me a little bit out of the hole, as he should be fun to watch bowl being 2-1/2.

How do you add another entry on this blog? Sorry I'm such a newbie at this.

Christine (Lucy's Mom) said...

looks like you figured it out. i am sorry for some reason you post were going into the moderation box. i have fixed it so they should come right up now.

also just in case to add a new post you need to loging and then click on the "new post" link.

be well,