Friday, December 28, 2007


Jack was due on October 30th.

We went in on the 30th for an induction (high BP). Spent the 31st in labor off and on - no change to my cervix (still less than 1cm). So - at 1am on the Thursday the 1st - they did a bio-scan. He looked perfect! Kicking at the ultrasound wand - he hated being "pushed" around. So - they sent us home at 3am.
Spent all day Thursday sleeping. Felt good Friday - but Jack was pretty quiet. My husband and I both had bad dreams Friday night. I woke up Saturday morning to head to L&D for our non-stress test. I knew something was wrong before we even left the house. Got to L&D - and the ladies could not find my chart. After about 10 minutes - I told them that I had not felt Jack all morning and I thought something was wrong. Chart forgotten - they hooked me up to the monitors. All I could keep doing was saying the Lord's Prayer to myself - I just knew in my heart he was already gone. Ultrasound confirmed - his heart had stopped.

~Post for Karry by Christine coppied from her original post on BBC thread.


Kelli said...

Today marks 6 months to the day that my husband and I met and said goodbye to our first born child. Our son was stillborn and we are still asking why? I'm so glad to have found this site today. How can I be added in as someone who can post?

ClownMomma said...

Kelli- you can email me through my profile.

i am sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

I went into have my baby boy induced on May 20th, he was 39 weeks along. when we were hooked up to the monitor no heartbeat could be found. Jake was born with a cord around his neck on the 21st, it has been 5 days and I am so sad I can not describe it. Does it ever get better?

Anonymous said...

I lost my son Ian James just days before I was going to be induced. I didn't feel him moving so we wnet to the hospital and they could not find a heart beat. The pain is so much harder than i ever thought possible, how do you cope, what has helped? I want to help my husband through the anger he is feeling but I am so lost and wake up every night feeling like I am missing something!