Sunday, March 2, 2008

Had a visitor today

My Dear Alexandra,
You really are listening aren't you! Sorry I've been having such a rough go at it the last few days, I just miss you so much and my arms feel so empty without you.
Today I had a little visitor - the owl. Since talking with some of the wonderful ladies I have met on the BBC threads, the mention of the owl has come up a few times. So I'm not sure if this owl is you, Lucy or Little Hawk sending a sign. All I know is that it has me thinking of you precious little angels, and how all of us Mommies miss you so much. We think about each of you all the time, and I think of all the Mommies who I have become close to since you have been gone.

So Peanut, Lucy, Little Hawk, Jack, Carter, Aubrey, Ava, Hannah, Gabrielle, Brooke, Aaliyah, Nathaniel, Sophia, Devin, Caleb, Gabriel, Braylyn, Carter, Norah, Macayla, Lucas, Nathan, Tristan, Kayden, Joshua, Caden, McKenna, Sophie, Mackenzie, October & all the little angels that I have grown to know & love - stay peaceful & know that we love you & miss you!

Love Mommy! xoxox



Anonymous said...

I read your post on BBC and the picture of the owl gave me chills and tears. What a wonderful wonderful sign.

Olive Lucy said...

michelley- you are wonderful. thanks for posting this.