Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another Day

My Dear Alexandra,
Today we started putting away our Christmas decorations, which I have been dreading. I look at your Christmas stocking that I never got to fill with little presents and my heart breaks. I don't know where to put all the presents I had bought for you....... I feel lost without you my sweety.
I think about you all the time and don't know how I'm suppose to move on. Right now I feel like moving on would mean I'm forgetting about you and I could never so that. Everyone keeps telling me it will get better, easier, things happen for a reason, I don't understand this. I would rather have my daughter in my arms giggling, smiling, than being an angel in heaven. Can you understand?
Maybe one day I will find out the reason you where taken to heaven, but I hope until then you can feel how much I love and miss you. Please give me strength to go on. You are my little girl and I will always love you more than I can ever express in words.

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Jack's Mommy said...

I know she hears you and feels your love. You know you are in my prayers!