Tuesday, January 8, 2008

more about memorializing

I knew i had more links and here they are.

this site has a few different pages and tips that i liked i found their site easy to navigate which when you are crying can be very helpful. the right hand side navigation of their site has links the follow list of use full tips in categories so you can refine you search quickyly.
After Loss events
Father´s Loss
Funeral services and details
Helping Parents Cope
Memorializing Your Child
Relationship after Loss
Siblings Loss
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
The Grandparents Loss
Funeral FAQs

The church of the holy innocents

this is a catholic parish in NYC that has a Book of life where your child name can be entered you will receive a certificate via email that you can print for you record.

Emily Post's Advice on Funeral etiquette
I found this excerpt from Ms. Post's book on Etiquette to be a through look at bereavement from a different perspective. I have included an excerpt of the opening paragrah

Chapter XXIV

AT no time does solemnity so possess our souls as when we stand deserted at the brink of darkness into which our loved one has gone. And the last place in the world where we would look for comfort at such a time is in the seeming artificiality of etiquette; yet it is in the moment of deepest sorrow that etiquette performs its most vital and real service.

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